Quartzite is unique & durable

Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock. Quartzite’s glassy and crystallized appearance resembles a Marble however it behaves more as a Granite, and it is less likely to etch with acidic foods. Prized for its exclusivity and hardness, this stone a perfect choice for the discerning stone lover who doesn’t mind to pay more for something special.

Quartzite’s are 100% natural and can last forever.

On Trend

We personally select our stones from Italy and our trusted international suppliers. Our collection Quartzite reflect current fashion, design, and architectural trends and traditions in the stone industry.

Incredible Selection

Our in-house stone gallery has over 100 different types and colours of natural stone slabs to choose from. Our inventory offers choices to fit within anyones budget while not compromising quality.

Lasting Quality

Our natural stones are of high quality and do not burn, fade, stain or contain toxic resins, and can last forever.