Why Natural Stone?

Expertise & Knowledge

Over 50 years of experience in the stone industry has provided us the expertise and knowledge of natural stone and its alternatives.

With the introduction of many new products from Quartz to Porcelain slab and conflicting information on the internet, we understand deciding what material is best for the job may seem daunting. You can trust that our background qualifies us to advise you with the best performing material for your job. Often our recommendation is natural stone because of its proven outstanding qualities.


A history that is centuries old has shown us the exceptional value of natural stone.

It's popularity is due to it being durable, 100% natural, unique and beautiful. Natural stone has a proven track record that comes second to no other. Natural stone does not fade or burn and is a low care material for indoor and outdoor stone applications. Longevity is another factor, one only needs to look at the mountains around us to see this abundant organic and naturally occurring resource that can stand the test of time.

Natural stone offers inherently sustainable attributes, as it is free of chemicals and off gassing of toxic resins or glues used in other stone-by products.


With todays challenge of climate change and the aspirations of living healthy, natural stone will give you the assurance that you are supporting a healthy home and planet.

Natural stone's ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary is due to stones naturally unique characteristics and beauty. As no two stones are alike, one can say that natural stone is truly 'natures master work.'

Artful compositions of minerals and sediments molded by nature into colour and patterns, like natures brushstrokes, natural stone is an original and one of its kind. If you want to personalize and make your project stand out, natural stone is an essential.