Vancouver Island Marbles


Locally quarried Vancouver Island Marbles are truly special. Varying in colours and patterns, both bold and subtle that bring a stunning design finish to any project.

The Marble blocks are processed at our Matrix Marble & Stone factory in Duncan, BC. Cutting, shaping, and finishing to your preference, depending on the application. Vancouver Island Marbles are 100% natural, a LEED qualifier, and is an eco and sustainable product. Vancouver Island Marbles contain no toxic resins, they do not fade or burn, and require no maintenance.

There are 4 colours and variations to choose from, Vancouver Island White Marble, Tlupana Blue-Grey Marble, Tlupana Deep Water Marble, and Black Carmanah Marble.

West Coast Style

Each level of the quarries introduces individual characteristics within each of the 4 colors.

From black to deep blues, light grey, and soft whites. Together they have a harmonious aesthetic with incredible versatility, and on their own, classically beautiful, complementing any design project.